Can Antivirus Programs Slow your Computer?

The computer is one of the biggest inventions of this world. It has made our life easier, simpler and of course interesting. However, everyone loves to have a fast and super responsive computer. However, the truth is many do not get it. Well, there can be many reasons but Antivirus Programme can be one of the biggest ones. It is always considered that Antivirus is important for the computer to protect the user from virus or malware. However, if the user is not using something reliable and fast, then it can make your life terrible by slowing down the system.

Do you need Antivirus?

Yes, Antivirus is required by that does not mean one cannot work without it. Virus and Malware mostly come from the link from unknown sources, internet pop ups, and links. However, in order to get rid of it, the user must ensure to avoid all such things. These can reduce the risk of the virus by a lot. However, even if they get in, the antivirus may protect the system. But the question remains is the Antivirus removing the virus or is it slowing down the computer?

Can Antivirus slow down the computer?

There are many kinds of Antivirus available. There are licensed and free antiviruses that claim to protect you from the system.  But there are Antivirus applications that are heavy in size and work very slow. These are the applications that give you more pain than protection. One can easily switch to the Microsoft Security Essentials that can protect the computer and does not slow down as well. It is not mandatory to use an antivirus but it is significant to use. However, the important part is which Antivirus should be best. Any Antivirus that comes from un-trusted source is as bad for your computer as a virus. It can almost reduce the speed of the system by half. Also, people sometime go for double protection and install two antiviruses. But that can be even more harmful as far as the speed of the computer is concerned.

What to know about Antivirus?

There are few important things that one must understand about Antivirus so that it does not slow down the computer. It is the best practice to justify the source of the antivirus before installing it. On the other hand, if any user is using such antivirus, they can simply uninstall the antivirus from the control panel. It is also advisable to remove any other antivirus if the user already has Microsoft Security Essentials. From Windows 8 onwards, the Windows Defender comes by default and that could be enough for protection. It is also important to understand that any computer that has more than one Antivirus programmes is bound to get slow. The first thing that one must do is to clean up the computer and choose the Antivirus wisely.

However, there can be much more solutions for slow computers like RAM expansion, Windows reinstallation, and others. However, these solutions may take time and cannot be done every time. But the antivirus can be chosen wisely and the risk of slowness can be greatly reduced.

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